Jul 29, 2010

Brendan hanging out at NBC

he was enjoying himself!

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We had an excellent couple weeks of NBC Camps at Eastern Oregon University and Whitworth University. We had an amazing staff and really neat groups of young ladies as campers. We are always pretty tired by the time both camps get done--but are always so thankful for the opportunity we have to do this ministry together. It is fun to see the camps growing and the impact the camp has on everyone, not only as volleyball players but as people.

Our theme this summer has been ELECTRIC. Please join us all as we pursuit to lead lives reaching for our ELECTRIC POTENTIAL (understanding that it takes struggle and precise practice to succeed), sharing our ELECTRIC POWER (influencing all those around you for the good, building people up instead of tearing them down), having ELECTRIC PERSPECTIVE (guarding our minds against the negative thoughts that say I can't do it, and being cautious of the traps in life that take us down empty roads...instead choosing to be self-disciplined, choosing to forgive, and choosing to think positively), and understanding that to be electric we must find our power--our ELECTRIC PURPOSE in the ultimate power source--JESUS CHRIST. What a fun and special summer at NBC!! Thank you all who made an impact!

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  1. I love your NBC message...very inspirational. So looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

    p.s. Post more pictures of the cutie will you?!