May 16, 2012

Mothers Day

I could not think of a better way to spend Mothers Day than at Priest Lake.  We traveled up to my parents lake house to help them move one more load of furniture.  We also took a lot of furniture over to my grandparents old cabin because it is going to be rented out for the summer.  It was wonderful to get away from the house for the weekend (lots of time spent at home when you have an infant).  The weather was amazing!  Brendan LOVED it (ran all over, played in the sand, put his toes in the water, and was a total lake kid).  Evan did great as well, he is such a good little traveler (he sleeps in the car so much better than Brendan does or ever did).  It was a great weekend as a family, made us all ready for summer.

May 2, 2012

A Smiling Boy

Evan is growing so fast, hard to believe he is already 9 weeks old.  We all love him and already have a hard time remembering life without him.  He is a very flexible, go with the flow baby (takes after his dad).  He loves to sleep and doesn't like to be woken up.  He loves his brother and has a smile that will melt your heart. 

Visit with Friends

My dear friend Kim and her adorable son Graham came a few weeks ago to stay with us and help me.  It was so nice to have some company, being home with an infant can be very lonely.  Brendan was home from Stacey's for spring break so he LOVED having someone around to play with.  Graham is 16 months (9 months younger than Brendan), this was the first time that the boys truly played together.  There was lots of Brendan stealing whatever Graham wanted to play with, and Brendan trying to get Graham to do what he wanted (such a big brother already), but they did have a good time!  Kim was AWESOME!  She helped bring a bunch of food for meals, let me get a good nap in, ran errands for me, hung out with Brendan, and was the best company I could ask for.  It was the shot in the arm I needed to continue on with this new baby stage.  Thank you Kim for driving all that way, doing so much, and for being the best friend I could ever ask for!!

Here are a few pics of the boys.  They drove these cars around for hours, hard to get a picture of them because they don't stand still very long, if at all  :)