Jun 27, 2011

Santa Barbara/Beautiful Bride/Brendan Free Weekend

Josh and I had our first weekend away together without our adorable Brendan boy. We traveled to Santa Barbara for one of my best high-school friends’ wedding.

What a BEAUTIFUL place to be. It was wonderful to travel without having to worry about schedules, naps, feeding a toddler, and figuring out how to best get him from point A to B. We missed him dearly and were ready to go home—but time traveling just the two of us again was very nice. Brendan had a wonderful time too getting spoiled by his Grandpa and MiMi. We are very thankful for their help that made it possible for us to get away!
We flew down to Burbank (what a great airport to fly in and out of…I highly recommend it if you every fly to the LA area) on Thursday morning. After renting our car we made an important first stop at In & Out before driving the quick drive to Santa Barbara. Once in Santa Barbara, we were able to explore all the shopping on State Street—WOW! We had read about a really good authentic Mexican restaurant called La Super-Rica Taqueria that was loved by Julie Childs…it didn’t disappoint. It looked pretty sketchy as we pulled up but was by far THE BEST Mexican food we had EVER had; homemade tortilla’s are amazing! After filling up we drove up the hillside to see Westmont College…beautiful! And of course ended our day with a little FroYo.

Friday morning I talked Josh into running with me on a 3 mile bike path that followed along the coast line/beach front in downtown Santa Barbara. We also walked down to a hidden beach down what are called “Thousand Steps”—unfortunately the weather wasn’t warm enough to stay and explore. (That was the only downside of our time in California—we brought the colder weather with us—it was only 65 degrees and overcast…but we still enjoyed it!) After getting cleaned up, we went back down town and walked up to the top of the Courthouse for a 360 degree view of the ocean and mountains, it truly was breathtaking beautiful.

That evening was the wedding. The wedding was at an exclusive Santa Barbara resort called the Bacara. This place was incredible. Josh and I were in awe. The ceremony took place outside overlooking the ocean. Alison was a BEAUTIFUL bride! We had amazing appetizers on a veranda and a four-course dinner on the roof top followed by dancing in an elegant ballroom. Both Josh and I had a great evening. The sun even came out for the whole event. It was wonderful to catch up with dear friends and to celebrate Alison and Jono…we are excited for both of them.

Saturday we finally got some fresh fish for lunch at a wonderful spot in the harbor called Brophy Bros. Then we loaded things up and made our way back to Burbank. Josh found a great deal at the really nice Marriott right next to the hotel…by far the nicest hotel we have stayed in just the two of us (besides the davenport). We enjoyed a little time by the pool and found the best bakery ever called Porto’s—AMAZING! We then went to a shopping area called the Americana at Brands in Glendale. We ended our time by eating again :) at a great Mexican Restaurant.
It was a special weekend, a wonderful weekend, and a fun weekend. Thank you Alison and Jono for sharing your weekend with us. Thank you Mom and Dad for taking care of our little man and thank you Josh for being the best husband, such a fun person to travel with, and my best friend—I love you!

Jun 14, 2011

Walla Walla Weekend

We were able to meet Josh's Mom and Step Dad in Walla Walla for the spring wine release weekend. WHAT A FUN PLACE TO BE. Walla Walla was such a neater town than I thought or expected it to be. We stayed in a hotel close to downtown, although the hotel was one I wouldn't recommend (it was pretty dirty), it was fun to be walking distance from so many things. We went out for some great dinners, found some fun parks for Brendan to play at (he had a blast), tasted some great wines, Josh and his parents visited some cool wineries, and we all got to have a BBQ at some friends of Josh's parents house--VERY FUN! We had a great time once we got there, unfortunately Brendan had his first upset stomach since beginning solid foods on our drive there. We are not sure if he ate something bad or just got car sick, but it wasn't fun for him, us, or the car. Thankfully it only happened once. This has been one chore as a parent I wasn't sure I was going to be able to handle, thankfully it was not as bad as I thought...I just felt so sorry for him. Hopefully the next time it happens there will be water close by to help us clean a little better faster...hard to do when you are driving in the middle of nowhere known as central Washington!).

It was a very fun weekend, Walla Walla is a place I look forward to returning--maybe we'll go for the winter release next time!!