Mar 17, 2011

March Madness

Welcome to one of our favorite times of year--MARCH MADNESS! We both love following the NCAA Basketball Tournament. One memory from college that we share is hanging out at Josh's house almost the entire day on Thursday and Friday watching the opening rounds of the tournament. Bill Robinson (the past president of Whitworth) even came over and had pizza with all of us as we watched the games.

In 2008 we were able to go to the Final Four games in San Antonio. So fun to be right where the action was. We look forward to going to another Final Four in the future.

Starting when we were dating, we have had a bracket competition with each other. Each year we fill our our own brackets and have prizes round by round that the winner of that round gets. Winners have won new basketball shorts, massages, coffee, dinner out, tennis rackets, shopping money, movie choices and special dates. This year we have decided to do things a little different. We are going to keep track of points through the entire tournament. We will earn 2 points for choosing the winning team on our original bracket and 1 point for choosing the winning team on the bracket we will fill out round by round. So, there is potential of winning 3 points for each game. Whoever has the most points at the end of the tournament wins. We haven't decided what we're playing for yet...but I'm sure it will be something good!!

Here are our Final 4 pics...
Josh always chooses the top seeded teams and Jamie always roots for the underdogs (guess thats what happens when you're a Coug)


Mar 9, 2011

Favorite Brendan Moments

At Brendan's First Birthday Party we had everyone write down one of their favorite memories or funniest memories of Brendan's first year. I thought it would be fun to share what everyone said!

Brendan- I can't believe you're 1 year old already! One of the funniest times this past year was your first boat ride. You looked great in your life jacket, hat and sun glasses! We laughed and laughed. Happy Birthday, Love GRANDPA (if you want to check out the post about his first boat ride click here).

Brendan- One of my memories of you in this trying first year is when your father and I put together your first push car when you were visiting us in Missoula. Unfortunately you were sick but you were quite a trooper. Love UNCLE JUSTIN

Dear Brendan- Blessings on your 1st Birthday!! I especially remember all the fun times at the loved laying on a blanket and watching the pine tree branches move in the wind...your first boat ride...going out to get our Christmas tree...hanging in the back pack for walks and snowshoeing. But, most of all I have a special memory of you laying with your Great Grandpa Ivan Roe--nestled under his arm.
Love, MIMI

Mr. Brendan Boy- The world has been a brighter place these last 365 days because you are here! You have made me laugh and smile in many ways. One of my favorite memories of you is your first time on the boat at the lake. I couldn't be there in person...but your picture in sunglasses, life-jacket and hat makes me smile with joy! Your parents love you very much and we are all so grateful to have you as our ray of shades! Love, AUNTIE JENNI

Brendan Roe- Your Great Grandpa Ivan Roe Sayles was so happy you were named after him...Ivan Roe Sayles, and he was named after his Dad, Roe Sayles. So you will carry the name down the line. We love you and wish you all the best on your birthday. With Love, GREAT GRANDMA VELMA MARTIN SAYLES (Click here for more about Ivan Roe).

Brendan- I'll remember all the blessings that came from your birth into this world! All the first's we got to celebrate with you this year. The way you make a whole room of people light up with your smile. The joy you spread everywhere we go. Thanks for a fun year little man. I love you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Love, MOMMA

Brendan- I'll remember your contagious smile and laughter (about your first year). You've so far been the life of the party and certainly when ladies are around. As a newborn you showed us you were a fighter and a good kiddo. You've been such a wonderful blessings to us and I'm proud to be your Dad! Love you Little Man! DAD

Thank you everyone for a fun time celebrating Brendan's birthday! Here is a taken of us all at Christmas.

Mar 6, 2011

Birthday Boy/Brendan Boy

Brendan had a wonderful birthday celebration!! The day started with waffles with Momma and Daddy. He could already tell it was going to be a special day.

He wore the outfit his Grandma Donna gave him.
When he got to Stacey's house she and Kaden and Tray sang "Happy Birthday" with flashlights. Later in the afternoon Stacey brought Brendan to school for a special visit with Momma. The day at Stacey's was complete with a special snack.
After Brendan woke up from his nap he saw his living room full of Elmo and Balloons.

He helped Mom hang the balloons outside and laughed as they blew in the wind, then they both eagerly awaited everyone's arrival for the party. Grandpa, MiMi, Auntie Jenni, Uncle Justin, and GiGi all came over to celebrate.
We had pizza (Elmo's favorite food), made by WyldLife as a fundraiser for Young Life Camp. They even made Brendan a special heart pizza and signs for his birthday!

Our friend April made Brendan an AMAZING Elmo cute and tasted amazing! A true labor of love--Thank you April!!

Grammy was able to Skype in to watch Brendan eat his birthday cake (and first sweet ever). HE LOVED IT!! You can watch the video on the right of the screen under our Family Video Feed, one is of us singing to Brendan and the other is of him eating the cake and ice cream.

The evening ended for Brendan with opening presents. Brendan's favorite was a wooden clapping elephant that he can push on the ground.

After Brendan was asleep our dear friends Matt and Amy came over with champagne to help us celebrate our first year anniversary of being parents--so special. It was a very wonderful birthday, an amazing year with such an incredible little boy. Thank you God for the gift of Brendan--he is such a joy to us all. Momma and Daddy love you Brendan Boy!!

Mar 3, 2011

A Year of First's

I can't believe our adorable little guy is 1-year-old already. We are so thankful it is this year and not this time last year. What a miracle, blessings, and gift Brendan has been to us! It has been so fun to get to know his social, delightful, happy, studying, easy going, always wanting to be where other people are personality. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the year in review.

March 4th: Brendan is Born

March 6th: Mom finally meets Brendan!!

March 11th: Brendan comes home from the Hospital
March 18th: Mom comes home from the Hospital after being re-admitted on the 14th

April 17th: First Professional Family Pictures taken in Moscow
April 23rd: First Time to Priest Lake to help MiMi and Grandpa move into thier new lodge (the picture below isn't at the lodge...but was too cute to pass up or MiMi and Brendan).

May 12th: Lifted Chest off the ground for the first time
May 13th: First SMILE!!!
May 15th: Rolled Over by himself for the first time

May 27th: 1st Airplane Ride (we went with our friends Kim and Zach to Palm Springs)

July 5th: First Laugh
July 29th: Had Solid Food (rice cereal) for the first time

August 25th: 1st day with Stacey (Mom went back to work)

September 16th: Got his first tooth
September 18th: Pulled himself up for the first time
September 26th: 1st time to crawl

November 1st: Brushed Teeth for the first time
November 14th: Brendan was Dedicated at Resonate Church

December: Brendan began to sign Please, Thank You, Hi, Bye, More, All Done, Blow Kiss

January 9th: First Haircut
January 12th: 1st Visit to the Dentist
January 17th: First Swim Lesson

February: New Car Seat, Started to give great hugs and kisses, began to drink from his sippy cup instead of a bottle, started on whole milk