Aug 27, 2010

Gormleys + Lake + Golf = Sweet Weekend!

Once again we we're blessed to be vacationing with the fabulous Zack and Kim; they're some of our closest friends.

It's no secret that Zack and I like to golf...maybe "like" is an understatement! Nonetheless, the ladies join us here and there. We played the Priest Lake Golf Course ($12 after 4:00 daily) and Mike, Jamie's dad - also an avid golfer, made for a 5-some. Everybody had a great time, Jamie was starting to groove her swing a little more, and everybody had some good shots and bad shots.

Kim and Zack are 6 months (or so) along with a baby boy - we can't wait for him to come home and for Brendan to have someone he too can hang out with while the parents are catching up and playing games.

Maybe one of the coolest blessings God has given us over the years are people in a stage of life behind us (newly married), in our current stage of life (having kids now - the Gormley's), and in a stage of life just ahead of us (families with young kids and families with older kids). Part of God's design for our lives is that we be people in community - we've been blessed by our pursuit of great, fun, deep, encouraging community. As "iron sharpens iron" we too learn from others how to be people who love God and love each other.

All this to say, we always enjoy our time with Kim and Zack and look forward to the next time we can go and be with them.

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