Dec 27, 2010

A Fun Date Day

Growing up in Sun Valley ID, Josh was destined to love to ski. When I got married to Josh I knew I needed to learn how to golf and ski. Josh has been a very patient teacher of both sports. I will go golfing because it is often a great time to be with Josh, My Dad and friends. But, I have come to LOVE skiing. I love the outdoors, the sound of your ski's across the snow, the feel of the air blowing by you as you go down the mountain, the burning that your legs experience as you near the bottom of a run, sitting down in the lodge for lunch after skiing all morning, and being with my amazing husband. For Christmas I asked Josh if we could go skiing on the 26th. My wonderful parents offered to watch Brendan for the day so we could go together. It was a GREAT day. We had so much fun being together and enjoying the outside. Thank you Josh for being the best husband and father--you are a blessing to me.

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