Apr 20, 2011

Swimming Classes

We signed up last November for an infant/toddler swimming class put on through the Pullman Aquatic Center. We met once a week for 30 minutes. Just guessing, I think there were about 10 other families in our class with kiddos between 12 months and 18 months old. Needless to say, Brendan had a ball!!

Our instructor did a really nice job with the pace of the class and had the kids practicing floating on their tummies,

floating on their backs (she called it the Starfish position),

sticking their faces in the water to blow bubbles and get used to that feeling,

and lastly practicing doing a swooping motion with Brendan getting him used to moving underneath the water.

It was really fun to experience that with Brendan and he really liked being in the water and watching the other kids.

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