Jun 14, 2011

Walla Walla Weekend

We were able to meet Josh's Mom and Step Dad in Walla Walla for the spring wine release weekend. WHAT A FUN PLACE TO BE. Walla Walla was such a neater town than I thought or expected it to be. We stayed in a hotel close to downtown, although the hotel was one I wouldn't recommend (it was pretty dirty), it was fun to be walking distance from so many things. We went out for some great dinners, found some fun parks for Brendan to play at (he had a blast), tasted some great wines, Josh and his parents visited some cool wineries, and we all got to have a BBQ at some friends of Josh's parents house--VERY FUN! We had a great time once we got there, unfortunately Brendan had his first upset stomach since beginning solid foods on our drive there. We are not sure if he ate something bad or just got car sick, but it wasn't fun for him, us, or the car. Thankfully it only happened once. This has been one chore as a parent I wasn't sure I was going to be able to handle, thankfully it was not as bad as I thought...I just felt so sorry for him. Hopefully the next time it happens there will be water close by to help us clean a little better faster...hard to do when you are driving in the middle of nowhere known as central Washington!).

It was a very fun weekend, Walla Walla is a place I look forward to returning--maybe we'll go for the winter release next time!!

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