Jun 15, 2012

Josh's Dad's Visit

Earlier this spring Josh's dad was able to sneak out of Boise and come visit the boys here in Pullman.  The weather was pretty decent and they got to play golf with Jamie's dad (making a 3-some) on Friday night.  Saturday was more relaxed and offered some time to go out to lunch, do some browsing around in Moscow, and have a nice dinner at home.  Sunday we all went to the Old European restaurant (a Pullman staple for breakfast).

The 3rd Generation Pictures (not pictured: Evan who was asleep)  

Brendan, giving me his GQ pose so I could get the lighting and camera set.

Dad was able to make a respite from the weekend as well and grab a hotel room for a reasonable rate.  The weekend was overall a great success and Brendan loved getting to play and read with his "Daba" - he uses the word 'Baba' to be Grandpa and so 'Daba' is Dad's Ba.  No matter how he gets to a name, it's the name he uses and everyone's blessed by it!

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