Aug 15, 2012

4th of July

I love spending 4th of July in Pullman!  And that is what we got to do this year!  It was a very typical Pullman 4th (Johnson Parade, BBQ, Sunnyside Park fireworks), but that is exactly how we wanted it.  We were able to introduce our friends Chris, Sarah and Gracie to 4th of July in Pullman.  My parents saved us all great seats at the parade.

Brendan's friend Gracie

Oh how I love the Johnson Parade

Thousands of people crowded into a one street town (if you can call it that)

Evan...where are you???

Gracie, Sarah and Chris

After the parade and afternoon naps, we had a BBQ with Chris, Sarah and Gracie.  Brendan had his first corn on the cob.  

After dinner we went over to my parents house.  They offered to watch Evan for us so we could go with Chris, Sarah and Gracie and take Brendan to the park for a little while.  The music was fun but the big hit was the firetruck, ambulance and police car. 
Sitting inside a firetruck!

We headed back to my parents house for Brendan to catch a little catnap before the fireworks.  This was the first year we woke Brendan up to watch fireworks.  He was a little sleepy but thought they were pretty cool!  My parents deck is a pretty sweet place to watch the show!

Evan was a trooper all day!  He stayed awake when we wanted him to and slept when we needed him to.  He woke up just before the fireworks but was able to fall back asleep and slept through the whole thing (amazing considering how loud fireworks are). 

Needless to say it was a GREAT day!!!

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