Apr 18, 2010

From Brendan

Hello Everyone! Thank you so much for all your prayers--they made me feel so strong. I feel GREAT. Everyday is a new adventure--it has been fun to keep my parents on their toes. The highlight of my day is watching people make faces at me trying to get me to smile (I like to hold out on them as long as I can and then flash them a big one). I love to be on the move and exploring new places. I sleep pretty good at night so I can keep mom on the go all day--who needs naps. I also really look forward to MEAL TIME!!
My favorite game is the "binky game". Maybe you've heard of it. It goes like this: I look like my head is going to explode, hold my breath as long as possible making my face turn bright red, and scream like my hand just go slammed in the car door. If I don't give in right away to their soothings I get my binky! Rest and Repeat...over and over and over until they plead with me to stop and sleep. Usually I loose interest in the game before they get too upset.
Finally, I love having my picture taken (good thing too, cause there always seems to be a camera in my face). I've put some new pics for you to check out below, so you can tell me how cute I am. Thank you for being my friends.

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