Apr 2, 2010

What makes this friday different from all the rest....

I'd like to say that I'm up early this morning because I'm a morning person, or because I love waking up to the sunrise, or because the thought of playing golf today has sprung me out of bed early. Brendan and I have been up for awhile. It gives me this chance to blog (lucky me!).

What makes this Friday (April 2, 2010) special, different, set-apart? Nothing really. The sun came up like it always does. My stomach is ready for breakfast like it always is. It's just any other day...

Kind of. Well maybe not.

Today the Church remembers Jesus. Today we remorse for the pain Jesus undertook for us. Today we reflect on what it means to be wholly corrupted with self-conceit, idolatry, and pride not so that it makes us feel entitled or self-righteous - but so that it reminds us of how desperately we need a Savior. For although Jesus didn't literally die on this day 2000+ years ago, we remember what it meant. What it means.

Today we reflect on this phrase - the day that True Love died. The Bible talks about God being Love. It talks about how God loved us (you, me, us) so much that he commissioned a Holy Spirit-conceived child (Jesus) to take our sin to hell for three days and on the third day rise from the grave. This physical act of sacrifice, what would historically begin as a Roman crucifixion, changed the world. Would change my world. This event is the culmination of the most confounding but true fact about Jesus, that he came down from heaven to be sin for us. Not that we may boast, but that we may approach the Lord clean. Pure. Forgiven.


"For we were free and made alive the day that True Love died." (Phil Wickham, Lyrics: True Love, 2007, http://philwickham.com/)

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. (1 John 4, 10)

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