Nov 26, 2010

Brendan's Dedication

We were able to dedicate Brendan at our church. We are so thankful for the amazing Resonate community. We have so many people who love us, support us, and help us walk through this life continuing to grow closer to Jesus. We appreciate all those who have already invested in Brendan's life. It made the evening special to be able to have Jamie's parents and Grandma and Josh's Dad there. Brendan was actually the first baby to be dedicated at Resonate. We are excited to have him grow up around this wonderful community of people.

Jamie's parents had us all over for dinner after the service.

Here is a great picture of Josh and his Dad with Brendan.

Here is Jamie's family...

Jamie's cousin Drew also goes to Resonate and was able to come have dinner with us. What a gift to have him in town.

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