Nov 7, 2010

The Little Bather

We are leaning more and more about the attitude and temperament of our little guy. As previously noted, he's been dealing with some ear infections. It's probably similar to having a nasty in-grown toe nail or a badly sprained finger, no matter what you do it hurts. Brendan has had some form or fashion of an ear infection for about 6 weeks now. Once one gets better the next one sets in. All that to say, much of the time you wouldn't even know he was in pain. He's smiling and looking you in the eye and crawling all over the house. For the most part he's eating normally and napping/sleeping normally. We truly have a remarkable little man!

More recently we started him on some antibiotics. To spare you the details, the side-effects have been physically and emotionally demanding. We can gladly report that he's doing a lot better but we're still not out of the woods with his ear infections.

One fun thing we got to do was give him lots of baking soda baths (3-5 baths per day). Like other areas of exploration, he's laughed and cried in the sink. The great majority of the time he's laughing and splashing about like in the picture. It's our observation that his favorite part is getting out and having some cuddle time with mom or dad as we dry, diaper and cloth him.

In other news, we're getting to Skype more and more with Josh's Mom and Step Dad who live in Sun Valley, ID. It's really fun to be able to share with them what Brendan's been doing (crawling, climbing, laughing, waving bye-bye, etc). They get to see what he's up to and he gets to hear their voice and see them on the screen. He likes to show off and they eat it up - everybody wins!

We also have been able to visit some friends and family the past few weekends. This picture was taken at our friends Kim and Zach's house. We had a fun weekend celebrating the upcoming arrival of their little boy.
We also got to spend some time with Jamie's sister Jenni and her husband Justin at their new home in Missoula Montana. What a fun city to explore.

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