Jan 20, 2011

Village Multiplication

We are so blessed to be part of a wonderful community of people that go to Resonate Church. Resonate has been a true answer to prayer for both Josh and I. Josh has led our home-group or "village" for the past 4 years. This past year we have had the blessing of our village growing significantly. This last week Josh and I have had some very hard conversations and some good prayer time trying to figure out what to do about our large village. Decisions are so easy when you feel called to something. We have not felt passionately called to anything. In these moments sometimes it is important to be obedient. We have been trying to figure out how God wants us to best serve Resonate and our community. We came to the hard conclusion that we needed to start another village on a different night. This is a really neat opportunity, and an exciting thing to think about the growth of our church and the chance to allow more options of villages for those who are married, in committed relationships, or have families. On the other hand, there has been some sadness this past week as we realize that we will no longer be in village with some people who have had great influence on our lives the past few years. It is a little sad to think that we won't get the pleasure of seeing them once a week. All that to say, I am thankful this week is over, so appreciative of all the wonderful conversations that took place during this time of hard decision making, and so utterly grateful that I can trust in God to lead us down the right path and that the path he leads us down will be one that will bring my heart peace. So I write this with a joyful and peaceful heart that is thankful for multiplication of our amazing community.

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