Mar 6, 2011

Birthday Boy/Brendan Boy

Brendan had a wonderful birthday celebration!! The day started with waffles with Momma and Daddy. He could already tell it was going to be a special day.

He wore the outfit his Grandma Donna gave him.
When he got to Stacey's house she and Kaden and Tray sang "Happy Birthday" with flashlights. Later in the afternoon Stacey brought Brendan to school for a special visit with Momma. The day at Stacey's was complete with a special snack.
After Brendan woke up from his nap he saw his living room full of Elmo and Balloons.

He helped Mom hang the balloons outside and laughed as they blew in the wind, then they both eagerly awaited everyone's arrival for the party. Grandpa, MiMi, Auntie Jenni, Uncle Justin, and GiGi all came over to celebrate.
We had pizza (Elmo's favorite food), made by WyldLife as a fundraiser for Young Life Camp. They even made Brendan a special heart pizza and signs for his birthday!

Our friend April made Brendan an AMAZING Elmo cute and tasted amazing! A true labor of love--Thank you April!!

Grammy was able to Skype in to watch Brendan eat his birthday cake (and first sweet ever). HE LOVED IT!! You can watch the video on the right of the screen under our Family Video Feed, one is of us singing to Brendan and the other is of him eating the cake and ice cream.

The evening ended for Brendan with opening presents. Brendan's favorite was a wooden clapping elephant that he can push on the ground.

After Brendan was asleep our dear friends Matt and Amy came over with champagne to help us celebrate our first year anniversary of being parents--so special. It was a very wonderful birthday, an amazing year with such an incredible little boy. Thank you God for the gift of Brendan--he is such a joy to us all. Momma and Daddy love you Brendan Boy!!

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