Mar 3, 2011

A Year of First's

I can't believe our adorable little guy is 1-year-old already. We are so thankful it is this year and not this time last year. What a miracle, blessings, and gift Brendan has been to us! It has been so fun to get to know his social, delightful, happy, studying, easy going, always wanting to be where other people are personality. I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the year in review.

March 4th: Brendan is Born

March 6th: Mom finally meets Brendan!!

March 11th: Brendan comes home from the Hospital
March 18th: Mom comes home from the Hospital after being re-admitted on the 14th

April 17th: First Professional Family Pictures taken in Moscow
April 23rd: First Time to Priest Lake to help MiMi and Grandpa move into thier new lodge (the picture below isn't at the lodge...but was too cute to pass up or MiMi and Brendan).

May 12th: Lifted Chest off the ground for the first time
May 13th: First SMILE!!!
May 15th: Rolled Over by himself for the first time

May 27th: 1st Airplane Ride (we went with our friends Kim and Zach to Palm Springs)

July 5th: First Laugh
July 29th: Had Solid Food (rice cereal) for the first time

August 25th: 1st day with Stacey (Mom went back to work)

September 16th: Got his first tooth
September 18th: Pulled himself up for the first time
September 26th: 1st time to crawl

November 1st: Brushed Teeth for the first time
November 14th: Brendan was Dedicated at Resonate Church

December: Brendan began to sign Please, Thank You, Hi, Bye, More, All Done, Blow Kiss

January 9th: First Haircut
January 12th: 1st Visit to the Dentist
January 17th: First Swim Lesson

February: New Car Seat, Started to give great hugs and kisses, began to drink from his sippy cup instead of a bottle, started on whole milk


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