May 29, 2011

Walking on Sunshine

Brendan began walking about a month ago (April 20th)!! What a big day it was! True to his little personality, he waited until he could do it perfectly to debut his act. I am sure he was practicing in his crib. His first steps were far from shaky. He didn't take a few steps and fall--the little man walked clear across the room! He was so proud of himself, he was filled with a joyful squeal all night long. Since those first steps he hasn't looked back. He walks everywhere (in the grass, on bark at the park, down the stairs--little scary for Mom and Day). He has always liked to be on the move and this new found freedom has been well worth the wait for him. Gone are our days of slowly keeping up with him as he crawls from place to place, we now find ourselves feeling as though we had a work-out after playing with him.

This was a video we took a little over a month ago (shortly after his first steps)

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