Jul 6, 2011

4th of July in Sun Valley

We just returned from a great trip to Sun Valley to visit Josh's family. It was the first time we drove the 10 hour trip with Brendan and I am happy to report that we didn't have one melt down, no throwing up, and a very content and smiling boy.
The first night we spent at a GREAT hotel in Boise. I highly recommend staying at the Homewood Suites if you are ever in Boise...amazing. The next morning Josh's Dad came over to the hotel to watch Brendan swim. We were able to go out for a nice lunch at The Olive Garden and do a little shopping (Brendan got an adorable new sun hat. Check out the pics of him swimming a little later in this post). That evening we made our way up to Sun Valley and had a BBQ with Josh's Mom, Kerry and friends Sherry and O'Ryen.
The following morning we went on a beautiful hike north of Ketchum, Brendan loved being outside. After a great nap we went back up to Ketchum to have a wonderful dinner and then explored Sun Valley resort. Brendan enjoyed seeing the ducks, swans, and all the people.
Our last day was spent with Josh's cousin Amy, her husband David and their adorable little guy Dirk. Brendan and Dirk are going to be great buds. They weren't too sure about each other at first but by the end of the evening they were giving each other high-fives and pounds...LOVE IT!! We went to the park, went swimming and had a BBQ with the entire family at Josh's parents house.
We drove home on the 4th of July so unfortunately missed all the festivities in Sun Valley, but made it home in time to watch the Sunnyside fireworks in Pullman at my parents new house. They have an AWESOME view of the show from their porch. It was a special 4th of July weekend.

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