Aug 19, 2011

NBC Camps - Our Summer Ministry

Jamie and I are so thankful for the ministry of NBC Volleyball Camps. What a great organization to be involved in. We directed camps at Eastern Oregon University and Whitworth University again this summer. It was a great year and God worked in big ways.

Compiling the 3 weeks of camps we did this summer (just volleyball at EOU and Whitworth) we saw about 260 young women. Of those, and I don't remember the exact number, just about 20% - or roughly speaking, 2 girls from every team this summer - met face to face with Jesus and came away a different person. This is a REALLY BIG DEAL! We pray regularly that this ministry use us to the best of our abilities, truly God did some amazing things during those 3 weeks - both in the lives of our athletes and in the lives of our staff as well. Campers left camp thinking about forgiveness towards/with parents, hope in dealing with tragedy, heartache and loss, tools/encouragement to seek after people (and specifically boys) who will honor and cherish them, and with that the seed of God's love for them.
It is cool that even though we're not a "Bible camp", we can have a great influence to/for the Glory of God.

We want to thank all of our staff for their servant leadership. Thank you that you came ready to pour out love and acceptance to these young women. Thank you that you gave it everything you had for the days you were on campus.

The Bible tells the story of God, who is already in community, creating us in their likeness for the purpose of unceasing worship. He pursues us so that we might find joy, contentment and peace with him - we've always been good at replacing God on the throne of our hearts. Our command therefore is to share that joy, contentment and peace with those around us. He doesn't need us, but he choose us - what great news! May we all find joy in Jesus and may we continue to share that joy with those around us.

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  1. You snuck this post in - but caught it!
    I loved reading about your ministry.
    Miss you all! -Kim