Dec 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

It was the first Christmas morning we had at our house.  In the past we have always gone to my parents for Christmas morning (last year we were at their lake house).  Josh and I were very excited to have Christmas in our home.  It was a transition between Josh being part of the Rydbom family Christmas to the Rydbom's being part of the Smart family Christmas.

Christmas Eve we brought dinner, Santa Soup (actually lentil soup...but it is what Santa has eaten Christmas Eve for years), to my Grandma's new house and then went together to the Christmas Eve service.  Brendan looked adorable in his Christmas vest and Santa hat.

After church we returned to our house for hot chocolate, cookies and the opening of our Christmas Pajamas.

Josh and I have had a tradition since our first Christmas together of going on a walk Christmas Eve.  It is always so quiet out and a special time for us to reflect together on the past year and share some goals for the year to come.  This year that tradition had to change as we were busy Elves getting ready for Christmas morning.  It was so fun to set up our house!  One of the things I am excited about is the making of our Happy Birthday Jesus Banner.  Josh helped me create this banner...we are going to decorate one letter each year.  This year Brendan, Josh, and I finger painted the "H".  I look forward to hanging this for Christmas morning each year. 

Christmas morning and Santa came!!!

Check out some of the cute videos to the right on our VIDEO FEED of Brendan's first look, him opening his stocking, and a new toy truck.  

Last year Brendan didn't understand anything about the presents, Santa, Christmas...this year he got it.  It was so fun to see him get so surprised, enjoy opening gifts, and giggle with delight all morning.  After singing Happy Birthday to Jesus we enjoyed homemmade cinnamon rolls and a great egg dish with fruit.  After breakfast the gift opening began...we were all spoiled!!

Thanks GiGi for the cool train hat and whistle

Cars, Cars, and MORE CARS!!

Can't resist the temptation!

After the house was put back into a little order we decided to take our Christmas Eve walk...which from now on we decided will be a Christmas afternoon walk.  It was still just as special and enjoyable.

The day ended with an amazing meal and a birthday cake at my parent's house.
4 Generation Pic

It was a fabulous Christmas.  I used to ask my Mom how she could get so excited for Christmas (Jenni and I were the ones to get the cool toys)...I now understand.  God, thank you for sending your son for us.  What a joy it is to celebrate all you have done for us.

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