Dec 27, 2011

Ho Ho Ho

Brendan learned to say "Ho Ho Ho" this year when asked what Santa says.  He caught on and now says "Ho Ho Ho" whenever he sees anything related to Santa (sleigh, pictures of Santa on cards, reindeer).  You never realize how many places Santa is until you have a 21 month old saying "Ho Ho Ho" all the time.  We were over in Moscow playing at the Eastside Market place and for the first time I was embarrassed by my adorable son.  An older couple walked in, the man had a long white beard (you can see where this is going)...Brendan began pointing and saying, "Ho Ho Ho" over and over again.  I finally had to say, "No Brendan that isn't Santa Claus" however he was convinced.  I am not sure if the man heard Brendan or not...but hopefully it made him chuckle.  Josh and I had a great laugh when I got home. 

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