Apr 10, 2012

Curious George Birthday

For Brendan's second birthday party we did a Curious George Theme.  It was fun to celebrate this little dude...I have been so proud of him, he is the best big brother ever, he shows so much care and love to Evan.  He has been so brave, flexible, and awesome the past few weeks as his life has been drastically changed--he continues to live with so much joy and very little whining and complaining.  Therefore, it was fun to have a special party for him.  Unfortunately, Brendan had a bad cold, but it didn't keep us from having a fun time.

Josh's parents were able to come for the entire weekend, and we were so glad they were here.  Life in the Smart household was a little chaotic, Evan's stomach was pretty upset and therefore he wasn't sleeping much, Brendan had a cold and fever, Josh had the flu and then caught Brendan's cold, and Jamie was still trying to recover from a c-section.  Needless to say we were very thankful for some extra help all weekend...it was good timing.



We watched a Curious George Episode together as we ate popcorn and then had sub sandwiches for dinner.
Grandpa, MiMi and Evan, Grammy, Daddy, Ba and Brendan, Mommy

After dinner Brendan opened some pretty sweet gifts.  He got his first bike from his Grammy and Grandpa, a new soccer set, some sweet new bath toys (he is showing you the boat below) and lots of new books.  He had opened his gifts from MiMi and Ba on his actual birthday.

We finished the night with cake (unfortunately by this time Brendan wasn't feeling too good).  He is a trooper!

Thank you Cards:

Brendan, we couldn't be more proud to be your parents.  Thanks for being our adorable little monkey!

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