Apr 14, 2012

Brendan Memories from the past year

Once again we had everyone at Brendan's birthday party write memories they have about Brendan from this past year.

My favorite memory of Brendan this last year is when we went on our hike in Pullman and Brendan had his hiking outfit on and was so cute!   One of my favorite pics are Brendan and his Mom and Dad on that hike.  I also remember earlier last year we (Grampy and I) came to Pullman and we got to take Brendan to the fair and show him the animals--he was so excited and it was so special to experience that with him. 

My Lil Buddy--
I always like it best after we haven't seen you in awhile and you come running down the hall to greet me when we come for a visit.  I love your laugh, cheezy smile, and all around good nature.  I love reading and playing cars with you.  I especially love the hugs!! We are going to have so much fun together now and forever!!

There have been so many fun memories from this year from going to Hawaii, time at the Lake, going to Arizona for Zech's wedding, and many more.  2011 you became able to vocalize your emotions and I've been thankful for the ways you tell me please, thank you, bye bye, and love you!  I love to hear your sweet little voice!  You're a compassionate little man who loves your little brother.  I love you so very much !

You are one joy-filled kid!  I love to watch how you make all those around you smile.  You make people feel loved and show others that you care.  So many cool things happened this year, learning to walk, talk, jump, throw, and be so much more independent.  So fun to watch you become the kindest, sweetest, best big brother ever.  What I want to remember the most is our play time together in the morning, cars, cars and more cars, your laugh, time playing on the bed, getting you up from your naps with your sweet smile, and how flexible, easy, fun, and sweet you are.  I am proud to be your Mama and so thankful God gave you to us!  I love you!

Brendan and Grandpa Age 1-2
Walks at the Lake
Rocks in the wagon
Boat Rides
Sleep Overs
Cars, Cars, Cars
Swimming in the pond :)
Can't wait for many more years!  Love ya!

Dear Brendan-
You have brought such Joy into our lives little man--now two--how can that be?  We love getting to see you and be with you a lot--what a blessing.  So fun to have you and your folks visit us at our timeshare in Kauai...seeing the ocean, playing in the surf, in the pool, wearing your aloha shirt out at Hanapepe and lots of walks!!  You're starting to use your words and LOVE to read mostly about trucks, front-loaders, combines, trains.  You like to take naps at "Bibi's (Mimi) house and then get up and snack on blueberries!  We have fun at the lake--you love to run little match cars all over!!  xoxxo!

Brendan is SO FUN right now! Here are some other things he is doing that we don't want to forget.
  •  He loves to play "bas-keet-ball" and be outside.  He wakes up from naps saying "bas-keet-ball" "outside" and also has melt downs with crocodile tears when he has to leave a park, go inside, or leave the gym.  
  • He is understanding most of what you say.  If you ask him to do something he will respond with "ok mommy" or "ok daddy"...I wish this one would last
  • He is telling us when he has to go to the bathroom...potty training is not too far away
  • He loves to play the stacking hands game with us at the dinner table, whoever hand is on the bottom moves it to the top over and over. 
  • He can jump and toss a ball in the air, throw a ball to us, kick a ball and catch if it land directly in his arms.
  • He is learning his numbers and can count to 10 (with a little help).  He likes to pull out a number book he has and a number puzzle and match up the numbers from the book with the number in the puzzle.
  • He wants his little brother to see everything he does.  "See Evie, See" is a familiar phrase around our house.  
  • He can put on his own coat by laying it out in front of him upside down, sliding his arms in and putting it up and over his head.  
  •   He loves a game that Stacey let us borrow called Zingo...played like Bingo.  Brendan recognizes all the tiles and can keep up with just about everyone he plays with.  He'll play his card and everyone elses.
  • He still loves to line up cars and has begun to color code them.  He knows most of his colors.
  • He continues to love to read

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