Aug 30, 2011

A Man of Many Hats!

Brendan love to wear hats! He will go get any hat and put it on his head. We have had many laughs this summer watching him parade around in a variety of different hats.

He spends many hours outside in one of his several "sun" hats...thankful he likes them and keeps them on instead of tearing them off.

Here he is at a wedding this summer...Dad and Brendan were trying to waste some time and found some dress-up hats. HOW CUTE IS HE! By the way, he likes to pose too (maybe we have a future model on our hands).

When asked to make the sound of a fire truck Brendan responds with a siren sound (thank you Grandpa). The highlight of the lentil festival was getting a fireman's hat. Now all he needs is the suit to go with it.

We posted this video earlier of him wearing Mimi's sunhat at the lake...but it is too funny not to post again. Take a look at Speedy Gonzalez!

We are having fun with this cute little man who wears so many hats so well.

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