Sep 11, 2011

A Fair Day

Brendan is learning how to make all kinds of sounds (including animal sounds). He loves animals. He laughs and smiles when he reads books about them and loves to be around them. He wants to pet every dog he sees. The family that lives behind us also have chickens. It isn't a day for Brendan unless he gets to go and say hi to the chickens. So...we knew that he would love going to the Palouse Empire Fair. Love it he did. He was able to go with Stacey (the AMAZING gal who watches him during the day) on Friday and with us again on Saturday night. He thought the cows were impressive, the chickens were noisy, the goats and sheep were funny and the pigs were unimpressively (yes I made that word up) lazy. HOWEVER, the biggest highlight of the fair was all the tractors. We spent a long time climbing up on every tractor, lawn mower, vehicle, and machinery possible. Our little one loves moving vehicles. We ended the night by watching part of the rodeo. It was a little slow moving for Brendan but he liked watching the horses run so fast. The smile never left his face the entire evening. We are looking forward to going to the Latah County Fair next weekend with Grammy and Grandpa J.
Brendan and Dad!!
Brendan would not let any other kid on this lawn mower - it was HIS!
Another one of Brendan and Dad on a John Deere tractor
These chickens were crazy. They were pecking at each other's food through the wire.
This is a picture from earlier in the week up at WSU - again, this kid LOVES tractors and farm equipment (he's living in the right place!).

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