Oct 26, 2011

A Little Less Work and A Little More Mom

Today was the first day that I didn't have volleyball after school. What a joy to be home by 3:30 and be able to get Brendan up from his nap. We enjoyed a full evening of playing and hanging out. Brendan is so much fun right now! He is beginning to say words and makes lots of sounds. He often repeats the first syllable in whatever word you say. His most common words are: Mama, Dada, ut-oh, bye-bye, blue, bird, moon, more, water, Papa, and yes. It is so fun to hear his cute little voice. The other morning he was laying down on the bed with Josh...I snuck up on him and Josh said "ut-oh" as I began to tickle him. I backed away and began to sneak up on him again...he turned to Josh and says "ut-oh" and then looked back at me (so funny). We have endless stories already of things he does that make us both just laugh. He has also become quite the jumper and dancer. He loves to jump, move and clap. We took some video tonight of him "jumping" off our fireplace, singing, and being hilarious. In addition to loving tractors, trucks and cars, he continues to love animals (especially dogs). He makes all kinds of animal noises and can hardly stand it when he sees a dog, cat, cow, squirrel, chicken, or any animal (he is a true animal lover). I have lots to updates to give and I look forward to being able to Blog more consistently now that volleyball is done. I am excited to be a little less teacher/coach and a little more Mom.

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