Nov 1, 2011

Halloween Fun

We had a GREAT Halloween Weekend! The highlight was being able to spend time with our dear friends the Gormley Family. We were able to spend the weekend with them in Waterville. It was the relaxing weekend the Smart's needed. It was so fun to watch Graham (their almost 1-year-old) and Brendan play together.

We went on some great walks...check out these cute boys!
Got some great pictures of the boys in their Halloween costumes (Brendan the Monkey and Graham the Garden Nome)
And enjoyed watching some football and hanging out with good friends. Kim and I were even able to escape and go to a movie (can't remember the last time I went and saw a movie in the fun)!

On Halloween we were back in Pullman. We went over and had dinner with the Wieser, Young, and McMillan families (9 kids in all...crazy fun). After our first trick or treat stop at Mimi and Grandpa's house we went trick or treating in our neighborhood. We didn't think that Brendan would understand what was going on, but knew he would love being with all the other kids. We were right that he loved the time with other kids, but he understood what was going on after the first couple houses. He would run up to the door with his little container, smile at the people who answered the door, grab a piece of candy out of the bowl and put it in his container. He would then run away with squeals of delight, he didn't stop giggling the entire time (we wish we would have brought the video camera). I'm sure if he could talk he would say that was the best night ever. What he did say as we were saying goodnight was "more" "more".

The weekend was filled with joy. Friends make our lives so much better!!

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