Feb 7, 2012

Poo Poo Trauma

Brendan does not like having messy hands.  He is quick to want his hands wiped off when sticky food gets on them, doesn't like to have paint or marks from markers on his hands, and wasn't a fan of snow on his gloves.  A few weeks ago, Brendan walked up to Stacey and told her he had "poo poo" in his diaper.  She quickly said, lets go change your diaper.  As she told him this, Brendan stuck his hand down the back of his diaper and pulled it back out only to discover that his hand was covered in poo.  Stacey said that Brendan's face was priceless...complete disgust and horror at what covered his hand.  It completely traumatized Brendan.  It was the first thing he told Josh when he picked him up, the first thing he told me when I got him up from his nap, the first thing he told anyone he saw all weekend.  He kept looking and pointing at his hand and saying "ewww" "poo, poo" "Stacey wash"...it was very traumatic for him.  Even now, several weeks later Brendan still tells people about his poo story.  This will be a fun story to tell his future girlfriends :)  

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