Feb 16, 2012

Saturday Nothing // A Memoir

One of my best friends in Pullman has had a dream since high school.  He wanted to write a book.  He wanted to tell anybody who was willing to read it that Jesus had radically changed his life.  He wanted to talk about the day nothing happened.  The day in between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.  A year and a half ago I was curious about his project so I asked to read the draft he was working on.  It's honest and raw. It's a memoir.  Memoirs are supposed to be honest and raw.  The only difference is Josh is talking about his past influences his future.  How when we pursue Jesus, family, friends, and co-workers with the End in mind our life is changed.
We're familiar with Jesus - maybe you've seen that in our blog.  Jamie and I understand the weighted depravity of our sin, the captivity of our hearts to worship ourselves and our own autonomy, and the glory of the incarnation.  Josh (and for the record, his wife Amy too) has been as big a part of our last 7 years in Pullman as anybody.  Josh does not have a "church kid" past.  He has a story.  It's an honest story about Jesus and redemption.  About victory and freedom from shame.  Josh can encourage me and challenge me in the sentence.  Lately it's been over slices of pizza.

I want you to read this book.  We're a people moved to action by a story.

Jamie and I hope you'll be intrigued and support this project.  Consider pre-ordering this book and help my friend self-publish his book.  You won't regret it.

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