Feb 19, 2012

Valentines Day and Barnyard Dance

Life the past few weeks have been busy but good as we try to prepare to welcome another member to our family.  If you ask Brendan where his baby brother is, he will respond by saying "baby bruda" and then half the time point to his own tummy, sometimes to Josh's tummy, and often to Mom's tummy.  So crazy that in a short time our life is going to be very different.  

We had a great Valentines Day:

Check out the pita pizza's made for v-day dinner

Jamie's parents watched Brendan so we could go out on a little date to Jamms (a new frozen yogurt place in Moscow).

We made valentines for all the kids at Stacey's house.  The boys love to dress up so we thought it would be fun to make superhero valentines.

There are many more years of making Valentines ahead of us!!

One more thing I don't want to forget to blog about is the Barnyard Dance book.  Brendan's favorite book is Barnyard Dance by Sandra Boynton.  It is a book he has acted out at Stacey's since this past spring, he loves to do all the motions with the boys.  Stacey has let us borrow the book on several occasions, HE LOVES IT.  I think his favorite part is getting everyone around to do it with him.  We were able to capture his joy while reading this book on video...check it out on our family video feed to the right.

Brendan is so much fun to be around right now, he is adding to his vocab daily and lives life with so much joy.  It will be fun to have two little boys in our home soon :)

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