Nov 7, 2011

Fall Pictures by Christine

At the beginning of this school year I found out several days before school started that my class schedule had to change and I was going to have to teach all afternoon. This schedule doesn't work well for Stacey (the AMAZING gal that takes care of Brendan during the day), or for Josh. I was very emotional and upset about what we were going to do with Brendan. To be honest I was very angry. However, once again God answered our prayers and made it clear that he was going to continue to provide great people to take care of Brendan so I can continue to do what I feel called to do--teach. The answer to our prayer was Christine. Christine is a engineering student at WSU as well as being part of a sorority. She is WONDERFUL! She has been so great for Brendan and for all of us. She has graciously come over to our house at least three afternoons a week to be with Brendan. I had to humbly apologize to God for once again not trusting that he would work it all out. My Mom has been so gracious as well. She has helped us out the few days a week that Christine can't be there.

Christine asked to take some fall pictures of Brendan and our family. They turned out GREAT. Josh was only able to be there for a short time and we are saving some of our entire family pictures for possible Christmas Card pics...but here are some cute ones of Brendan and one of Brendan and Mom. Thank you Christine for being you. The Smart Family ADORES you!

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