Nov 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Under the Big Sky

We were able to travel to Missoula Montana to visit Jenni and Justin for Thanksgiving.  They were very brave to host such a large group in their adorable (but small) home.  We celebrated with Jamie's parents and Grandma, Josh's Mom and Kerry, Jenni and Justin, our family of three (Brendan may be small but his stuff takes up the most room), and of course we had the four legged members joining us LuLu, Watson and Tuna (Jenni and Justin's dogs and cat).  It was a house full, but so much fun to all be together.  Jenni and Justin were GREAT hosts.  The table was adorable (Jenni even made menu's for everyone), and the food was AMAZING!  We spent the weekend eating, swimming with Brendan in the pool, shopping, going to a movie, playing some Wii, eating again, celebrating Kerry's birthday, laughing, touring Missoula and some local brewers, eating some more and did I mention eating.  Thank you Jenni and Justin for a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving!!

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