Nov 15, 2011

Zech and Rachel's Wedding

Josh's step brother Zech got married this past weekend in Sedona Arizona.  Josh, Brendan and I traveled down to the wedding.  This was the first time that we had met Rachel and all loved her and her amazing family.  Zech is not only gaining a great wife, but 3 wonderful kids and an awesome extended family. 

Brendan was the ringbear in the wedding.  He was ADORABLE.  He did a great job walking down the aisle with Dakota (the flowergirl).  He was also the star of the dance floor at the reception.  He didn't want to stop dancing (everyone circled around him because he was so cute and hilarious). 

It was a BEAUTIFUL wedding with the red rocks in the background and was a fun and enjoyable Smart Family Vacation.  Brendan was a great traveler in-spite of some bumps in the road.  He did great with shorter naps, long car rides, and time on the plane.  He is such a social kid.  All he wants to do on the plane is stand on our lap and wave to everyone behind us...if they wave back he gets all excited and flashes them his cheesy grin.  He also loves to walk up an down the aisle and see how many high-fives he gets.  I was very proud of how well he did traveling, that is a long way to go for a 20 month old.  

As I mentioned, we did have a few bumps in the road.  There was a huge Nascar race in Phoenix so there were no rental cars avilable the day we flew in.  So, we decided to stay the night in Phoenix.  This worked out well because we got to have dinner with our dear friend Kim who is going to school there.  The next morning when we finally got our car and headed towards Sedona we discovered there had been an accident on the only road to Sedona (a semi-truck carrying lettuce tipped over).  Traffic was horrible.  It took us over an hour to drive 3 miles.  Brendan was about due for lunch and I had to go to the bathroom so bad that we exited and ended up at a Road House or Biker Bar as Josh called it.  I was not happy with life (acually had to apologize to Josh later for my horrible attitude).  So, we all waited an hour for a burger and fries at a biker fun (but now pretty funny).  When we finally got back on the road traffic was moving a little faster.  Therefore, instead of getting to Sedona in the morning like we had planned we got there after the rehersal but just in time for the rehersal dinner with an adventure to share.

The next day before the wedding we were able to explore Sedona a little.  We took a hike on the red rocks.  Brendan giggled the entire time.  What a beautiful place to be.  We had a fun time exploring as a family.

We had a great trip, but as always it was good to be home (maybe not to the cold weather) but nice to be in our own warm beds.  Congrats Zech and Rachel!  We are praying the beginning of your life together is great and that you remember the importance of placing God in the middle of your marriage!  Blessings!!

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