Mar 16, 2010

Since Sunday...

Sunday was not a great day.

Sunday Jamie, who had been trying to "tough-it out" started feeling nauseous, had the chills and a bad headache, she decided that (after talking with the on-call doctor Sunday afternoon) she ought to go to the emergency room. Thankfully she did. They ended up re-admitting her into the hospital due to an elevated white blood count signaling an infection. Normal white blood count is between 4-11, Jamie has a count close to 22. Once again God worked in the situation to make sure Jamie got into the hospital before things got worse.
We're still not completely sure where the infection is, but the doctors think that she's got a bacteria infection in her uterus. On top of that, she also broke out in hives (which are unrelated to the infection - just an added bonus!). They are trying to figure out if it is a drug or food allergy. Jamie's on some antibiotics and given the opportunity to rehydrate and rest. She will be in the hospital for at least 2 more days.

So since then, Brendan and Josh have been able to spend more time during feedings, avoiding the spontaneous urine arches, going to his 2 week old appointment, managing bed/nap times, and visiting mom in the hospital. Being Mr. Mom.

Josh has made of list of the most recent things he discovered he could do with one hand (because he's got a wiggling kid in his arm):
- make the bed
- do the dishes
- hold a towel over Brendan and change the diaper
- make breakfast and coffee

We thank you friends and family for all your calls, texts, and prayers. Please know that we received them even though we may not have replied. We have been overwhelmingly thankful for all the support we have felt. Thank you all!

Blessings from the Smarts!

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