Mar 6, 2010

Updates....I'm sure you're wanting to know!

Here's an update from Friday morning to right now:
- chest xrays showed that he had both fluid in his lungs and gas in his lower stomach (from Dr. Mike resuscitating him in the OR). The meconium in his lungs was going to be an irritant and inflammatory to his already weakened body
- Friday afternoon we had seen tremendous improvements. They removed the respirator and were weaning him off of the sedation meds (that they were using to allow him to rest) and blood pressure meds.
- Josh got to hold Brendan for the first time since his birth. Also Brendan is getting a new diaper and betting cleaned-up every 4 hours - which Josh has been doing during the day.
- Saturday morning was another chest xray. Xray showed a lot of improvements in his lungs and lower stomach (gas was passing). Doctor wanted to start trying to feed him some of Jamie's milk (colostrum) by bottle or IV - whichever he would do.
- Saturday at noon Josh was able to feed Brendan his FIRST BOTTLE - yeah!!! He took it like a champ and didn't share any with dad's clothes as a temporary keepsake! He ate about 10 milliliters (or a 1/3 of an ounce) of Jamie's milk.
Brendan is getting a little Jondis (which is to be expected) so he's starting under the Bilirubin lights this afternoon - which will be a mainstay for the next couple of days.

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