Mar 9, 2010

Tuesday has been a good day

Today (Tuesday) has been a good day for Brendan.
- He's been moved to a crib and is resting very comfortably, swaddled tightly, and clothed in a onesie.
- We had a visit from the Developmental Specialist today and she was really encouraged that Brendan is doing so well. He will probably be monitored him over the next 6 months both in Pullman and in Spokane. Nothing serious, just precautionary.
- Jamie was able to breast feed again this morning. Brendan has no problems latching on, he just gets pretty tired with all the concentration it takes. Therefore we will continue to both bottle and breast feed for the next few days. The Nurses feel that he will have no problems being breast-feed only when we get him home this weekend.
- The nurses and doctors have not had to supplement with any formula. Jamie has been able to pump all the milk and more than Brendan needs!
- Brendan passed a hearing test today.
- He will get the first of many immunizations starting tomorrow.

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