Mar 8, 2010

Starting to Transition

Monday was a great day of transition for Brendan:
- First today he was taken off the Bilirubin/photo-therapy light. The Doctor wants to see if he can make head-way on his Jondis without assistance. Also it allows him to sleep better.
- He's doing so much better with his temperature that they are moving him into a "big boy bed". When you're in the NICU a 4 day old, full term, 6 pound 15 ounce baby is big! This should mean he'll get to sleep swaddled and in a onesie.
- The Doctor also thinks he might be ready to just be nourished from the breast milk, so they removed his "central line" from his belly button where they had been previously pumping him with fluids.
- The last thing they mentioned as a milestone is that they want to run a full 7 day antibiotic though his body. This probably means he'll be in the NICU for a couple more days.

We're continued to be blessed by his recovery and perseverance.

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