Mar 7, 2010

Sunday's Updates

Most of you have not heard from us today because we've been taking a "cell phone sabbatical" today. Here's what's gone on today:
- Brendan's bilirubin is a little higher than they would like, so he's continuing to be treated with a phototherapy (bilirubin) light. They wouldn't even worry about it under normal circumstances so this is precautionary (and because we're already there).
- He's been able to regulate his temperature better today (although his little bottom-lip quivers when we take take him out of the incubator!). That's getting better.
- He's been eating like a champ today. He showed up in Spokane practically dehydrated, so they've been pumping him with fluids ever since to help him hydrate. Breastfeeding is going AWESOME! He latched on with no problems. He has been enjoying Jamie's breast milk during the "care times" in addition to his steady diet of fluids.
- Today he weighed 6 pounds, 10 ounces. Doesn't seem like a lot (only 5 ounces more than at delivery) but it's good weight.
- They've seen such great improvement in Brendan he's been able to feed more often - now every 3 hours - it was 4 before.
- Please pray that his bilirubin number goes down, he becomes more hydrated, and he continues to eat well. If all this happens we will get to bring him home sometime this next week.

As you can see, he's pretty cute with his bili-headband!!

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